The Jump, David Saville

The Jump is a 7 month programme designed to challenge you in such a way that you develop the resilience, creativity and the ability to leap into the life you have always wished for.

It is an evolving group coaching programme that will prepare you mentally and emotionally so you can make the biggest jump of your life; into a life of adventure!

You will:

  • Move beyond fear
  • Let go of self doubt
  • Become resilient to criticism and the judgement of others
  • Develop your inner compass that means you can never take a wrong step
  • Learn to love failure and use it strategically
  • Become more creative in your life
  • Connect to the things that inspire you
  • Develop more meaningful relationships
  • Grow your courage 
  • Live a life that feels true for you

At the end of the 7 months you will feel in charge of your life and it will be up to you where you go from there.

This isn’t a quick fix; it will require you to engage fully with the programme and the other members of your team. Together, you will support each other to step outside the boundaries of your life.

Who you walk with matters, and the people that join you on this adventure could become good friends that go with you long into your future.

I made my own Jump in October 2014, when I left behind a job and regular salary to embark on a crazy journey to do this weird thing called Life Coaching. Most people in my life didn’t believe it could work; they couldn’t see how I could create a life where I get paid to help people but I had my own coach and I had my own team members from the group I was part of. Their support and guidance helped me to find my way and 7 months later I made over 3 times what I had previously made in a single month at my old job. It wasn’t about the money; that was simply evidence that I could do it and I knew then that I would never again work for someone else.

Since then, I have been stepping further into my integrity; making a lot of mistakes along the way but now, I am in a place where I only spend time with people I care about and who care about me. I don’t need anything from anyone; I am in love with my life and I want to help as many people as possible to experience this for themselves in their own way.

The reason this programme is 7 months, is because of what happened with me. Now, with my depth of knowledge, personal experience and having worked with thousands of people; I am bringing all of that together into the design of this programme so that you can experience the freedom that comes from living the way you truly want to live it.

This programme will combine:

  • Psychological freedom
  • Emotional freedom
  • Physical freedom

What you want to create in the world is a natural result of the inner work we do together and this programme blends the inner and outer world in a way that is unique:

Each month, we will meet up for 1 day, to have a coaching experience like no other. It will involve deep coaching and physical adventure.

Over those 7 months, the level of challenge will increase until it culminates in a final leap out of an aeroplane at the end of your adventure. We will all jump together, solidifying all of the changes you have made and, as you step beyond that precipice, you will know that your life will never be the same again!

The programme begins in February 2017 and recruitment is open now.

The fee for this adventure is £2750 if paying by installments or, £2500 if paid in full before the programme begins.

Each person who joins us will experience coaching from me over skype or zoom twice as part of the no fee try-out period where we can discover if we are a good fit as coach and client and determine if this 7 month adventure is for you.

If you want to explore this possibility, email me here: or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

I coach by email, skype, telephone, face to face, and during real world adventures! 

Here are some of the places I coach people: U.S, Canada, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Europe.

Location is irrelevant; impact is all that matters.