If you are like most human beings living in the modern world, you don’t really know what you want. You know many things you don’t want and you have a basic idea of what you might want but it doesn’t feel clear and it is hard to imagine that your life can be radically different from the way you have been living it. This is normal.

The truth is, that your life can become anything you want it to

Be that travelling the world, thriving in your dream job, running a successful business, performing on that big stage, spending lots of time with wonderful friends and family; the list is endless. The thing stopping you from having what you really want, deep inside, is a need to protect yourself.

Yet, to live a life of freedom, adventure, deep connection and limitless achievement you will have to expose yourself. You will need to do things that terrify you at the moment and learn how to stop experiencing your fear as a block.

There is no “safe” way to live a life that many dream about but there are ways to feel safe no matter what you are doing.

To develop that inner sense there will be a lot of growth necessary and at times it will feel unbearably hard but if you keep moving forward, you can get to a place where you are connected to that feeling of joy that exists inside of you underneath it all; at the joy of being alive!

If that sounds like too much, that is because you have a misconception about what you are capable of and you can’t yet know the difference it could make to have the caring and expert support of someone who knows what you are going through; someone who has a depth of understanding about what is going on for you and can guide you on your very unique path.

Your life can become a fun adventure where anything is possible!

There are many ways that I help people to create a life of adventure, connection and joy: One on one coaching, group programmes and online training.  My fees range from £ 5,000 down to just a couple of hundred pounds.

I only work with good people who are open to personal growth and money is never an obstacle to receiving my help in some way

If you want to explore the possibility of creating a coaching relationship with me to support you in creating your new life; fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

I coach by email, skype, telephone, face to face, and during real world adventures! 

Here are some of the places I coach people: U.S, Canada, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Europe.

Location is irrelevant; impact is all that matters.

If you want to have a one off skype coaching session that can be a catalyst for profound change, you can: It costs £180. Make payment through Paypal and then I will send you a link to my calendar so you can choose a time. You will then need to answer some questions that will get you thinking deeper and help me to begin to understand what you need most.

I will also follow up with you after to make sure you are making the most of the time we spent together.

Here is the link:

If you have any questions about it, email me at: david@davidsaville.co.uk