Do you run your own business and want to accelerate your growth and earnings?

I have an exciting offer for you.

Coaching is an elusive profession. It comes in so many different forms and each coach has different abilities and ways of working.

My clients get such incredible transformations because of the deep work we do that it can seem far fetched and is very hard for anyone who hasn’t experienced it to understand what goes on so, I want to open a window into what I do and how I do it.

I am looking to gift this coaching to someone who would be willing to be recorded so I can show others what happens inside of a coaching session and the changes that happen as a result in yourself and your business.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection and Skype.

Before I would release them publicly, you will get to review the sessions to ensure you are happy having them out in the world.

If you are interested, there are certain requirements that are non negotiable:

HONESTY. You are willing to be honest and open about yourself and your business.

INTEGRITY. You do what you say you will. If ever you don’t, you are honest about why you didn’t.

LOVE. You love what you do. Even if at times you are frustrated and feel like giving up; what keeps you going is your love for it.

SERVICE. Your business serves other people. It exists to make people’s lives better in some way.

FRIENDS & FAMILY. You put a high value on friends and/or family. This is a high value of mine and a requirement for every person I work with.

COMMITMENT. You are committed to making your business grow and are willing to do what it takes.

FEAR. You are willing to explore your fears and want to overcome them to achieve what you want.

This is NOT for you if:

You just want to get rich.

You aren’t willing to put in the time and effort.

You aren’t willing to change how you do things.

My coaching involves creating a flow between dreaming big and taking practical, real world steps to make it happen.

It is a scary and exhilarating ride that will change everything for you!

What we do together over a few weeks will continue to impact you and the success of your business for years.

If you want to apply, fill in the form below or email me here: and put in the subject line “Video Coaching Offer”.