Napoleon Hill researched more than 500 self-made millionaires over 20 years before releasing his 1937 best-seller “Think and Grow Rich.”

In addition to boiling down the “secret” to building wealth in 13 principles, he revealed 30 “major causes of failure” that hold many of us back.

I will share 3 of the top ones here.

I am taking this from an article written in the Business Insider. I didn’t link it here because there is way to much talk about getting rich and I don’t care about that.

What does matter to me is bringing more money into your life; because of the good you can do with it for yourself, your family and to support any cause that is important to you.

Here are the three:

1. Define your goal and go after it.

“There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose, or definite goal, at which to aim,” Hill writes.

If you’re looking to build wealth, start with visualizing an earnings goal with a specific number. Then form a financial plan and determine exactly where you want your money to go.

Earlier this year, after months of getting into more debt, and then just earning enough to scrape by, I worked out how much money I needed for bills and added to it how much I wanted to spend on other things that were important to me. The figure came to £3500. I then structured my business offers appropriately.

That month was my first £4000 month ever and I could finally start paying off the massive debts I had accumilated. Something shifted in me too and I finally connected my specific actions to the money I brought into my bank; I had become the creator of my prosperity.

Since then I have earned more than that and less than that, but it is all directly linked to what I have actually done each month.

It is like I created a financial vacuum by getting specific which directed my actions and then sucked the money into it.

As someone who worked for the same company in the same physical location for 17 years earning a salary at the end of each month, this was a radical change for me!

2. Not Taking Risks

“The person who takes no chances generally has to take whatever is left when others are through choosing,” Hill says. “Over-caution is as bad as under-caution. Both are extremes to be guarded against. Life itself is filled with the element of chance.”

In the article, they are talking about this in terms of investing money but I use it in a different way: The excitement in life comes from stretching yourself beyond your abilities and your experiences. When you do something that scares you, you grow and what you are able to do grows with you.

That could be reaching out to someone at the top of your field for advice and risking rejection; contacting someone you would love to work with an offer; or, saying yes to speaking in front of a large audience, even though you are terrified. Even if you get rejected and even if you freeze and make a balls up of the talk, you will have taken a step forward and you have evolved. If you want to be the best in your field, and make great money doing it, then continual growth is essential and that means continual failures.

I live on the edge of fear and excitement almost every day; with the talks I do, the way I coach, the people I have the privilege of coaching, the crazy ideas I come up with and share with the wider world. In fact, every time I write something like this, I risk failing and I risk disapproval, but every time I grow stronger, I help those that are ready to hear the message, I develop my expertise and I give more people the opportunity to see what I am about and to reach out to me.

If you haven’t risked anything this week, then you haven’t grown and your business and life will stay static or shrink.

3. Lack of Passion

“Without enthusiasm one cannot be convincing,” Hill writes. “Moreover, enthusiasm is contagious, and the person who has it, under control, is generally welcome in any group of people.”

If you don’t love what you do, it will be almost impossible to create the wealth and life that you wish for. The more you love it the more passion you will have and the better able you will be to push through the tough times; the times when it is damn hard and it looks like you will never succeed; when everyone around you expects you to keep failing; passion will fuel you to press on no matter what.

If you don’t love what you do and aren’t ready to make the leap into something you do love, there is a bridge that you could build between the two.

You could go into work tomorrow and be the best you can be; you can use every phone call, every meeting with a client, as a tool to become amazing at it. It can become your playground through which you develop all the skills and abilities you could ever need; leadership, communication, sales; the core of any business.

Then, I highly recommend, finding something that you would love to do, that makes a difference to people, and go do that. At times it will be hard, it will seem hopeless and you will think “What the hell have I done?” but if you keep going, keep making a difference and inviting people to pay you, you will succeed and you will create a pretty damn exciting life along the way.

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