Your experiences shape who you are and how you see the world.

No they don’t.

The MEANING you make about your experiences shape who you are and what you see.

Today, I embarked on an incredible adventure in the woods with one of my Holy Fuck clients (To find out more about who they are, click here and watch the video). She is truly awe inspiring and a pleasure to coach.

(I won’t share her details but she has agreed for me to share the essence of her story so that it might serve others)

She is the one who suggested the day and told me the environment she wanted to experience it in. I was very happy to agree to that and to block out this very special day for her. (I love it when people ask me for what they want)

We focused on her story; the parts of her life that she has been holding back from sharing and delved into how that was stopping her now.

She is powerful and has achieved so much in her life. She has faced adversity many times and has overcome them all to be thriving.

On the surface, it would seem that she is exactly where she wanted to be but under that there has been a deeper truth; one that she has been ignoring for almost 30 years.

When I coach, I don’t coach on problems. I don’t believe anyone needs “fixing” and so if you want that, go see a mechanic! 😉

I coach you on what you want most in life and who you are being.

As you go for that, things come up that show you how your past is holding you back. As arise, I go deep and help you create new meaning to past events; a meaning that will change the entire trajectory of your work and life from that moment on.

When you experience something painful, it is like you put on a new pair of glasses and from that moment on you see the world through them but just like when you wear glasses, you forget you have them on, this is what happens with your understanding of that event.

You will go through life mostly unaware that you have been affected in this way and it is not until you hit a barrier in going for what you want that it becomes apparent. That is where powerful coaching comes in.

In her case, a series of events in her childhood lead up to her putting on a pair of lenses that helped her cope with what happened. It then lead to her creating a lot of success and going against the odds time and again. It became her driving force.

It helped her survive her circumstances and then create a wonderful life but it is no longer serving her. She has big dreams and wants to express them in a way that is true for her but she couldn’t while this thing was in her way.

We spent over 6 hours together. She took me on a journey of her life and together we connected the dots to find the piece that will change everything, and find it we did.

It was extremely intimate, very personal and I was honoured that she was sharing that with me and that she allowed me to guide her to a truth that she had buried deep inside.

From the insights we created a way forward: a plan of action that she will now live into.

The journey we went on today has already changed her. She was different exiting that wood than when she went in. (and so was I)

Her meaning has changed and now it is a case of proactively expressing that to others.

This is fundamental!

This shift, around something that has guided her actions for 30 years, will change everything in her life from the connections with friends and family, to her work with clients, to the creative projects she wants to run.

This is so profound that as she continues to live through this new way of being, every single communication she ever has from this moment on will be different; from a simple comment on facebook, a conversation she has with someone she has just met, her work with her clients, to her closest relationships.

This is fucking huge!!!!

She has now removed those glasses, but because they have been there for a while they leave an imprint in her skin and so with every person she shares this with, that imprint will become less until eventually she will be fully free, fully liberated and will be giving the truest expression of herself in everything she does.

I am still reeling from the power of the day and so know that for her, it will reverberate out for months and years to come.

We have already booked in a day for 1 year from now to assess how that impacted her and then to dive into the next stage of her evolution.

This is why I do what I do.

One day of connection, love and coaching equals a lifetime of freedom, fulfillment and achievement.

Who’s next?!!!!!!

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