I have been coaching someone around an important decision. He has 2 distinct paths he could choose:

The first is a good job in a global company. The money is great and he has potential to connect with a lot of people who could help him in his future. If he stayed there for a year or two it would look fantastic on his resume and could potentially set him up for life and he might be able to transfer into a department one day doing what he really loves.
There is a catch though: he finds the work really boring. It doesn’t challenge him and he actually feels quite low a lot of the time when doing it. The prospect of a year or 2 doing that fills him with dread.

The second option is working for a small company doing the job he loves. The pay is minimal and he doesn’t know what will happen in the future. He has no idea if he will be able to make a success of it and without the prospect of making those connections he may forever be stuck at that level, but the thought of waking up every day and doing something that he cares about fills him with excitement.