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David has an ability to cut down to someone’s truth so accurately and quickly that I genuinely believe it makes him unique in this field – it’s like a superpower – Lucy Hyde

He teaches the Deep Art of Transformation to Individuals, Life Coaches and Change Workers; empowering them to have lives of breathtaking freedom. It is his unique set of life experiences, and what he learned from them, that has given him this ability.

David has transformed himself completely from a very shy and introverted guy with severe social anxiety and panic attacks to a Dedicated Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer of Coaches who helps people all over the world to create lives of freedom, connection, meaning and adventure.

He has a unique ability to help others transform because he understands the process from the inside and out. He has spent almost a decade so far, training and utilising many different methods designed to create permanent change in people and has used them on himself to great effect and also tested them out with thousands of people!

He is an avid student of human nature and because of that has a wealth of insight into the people he works with that enables him to guide them to create profound changes that they never imagined possible.

To go into detail of his journey here would take too long but the simplest way to explain his incredible evolution would be to look at the period of his life between January 2014 to June 2017:

Back then, he was working at the same place he had been going to for 17 years, doing work that was only intermittently stimulating. He had no close friends at all and he seemed to be spending most of his time outside of work driving from one place to another.

He was supporting his mum and his 99 year old grandma (who lived apart) and so, spent time going between them. Between work and travelling around, he had very little time for anything else and felt like he was always rushing but he had a dream; an idea that life could be different and that he could create something meaningful for himself and support his family in a much better way. He didn’t know what that would look like but had made an important decision to dedicate himself to making it happen.

He got himself a world class coach who could teach him how to use the skills he had learned to help people and to make money doing it. He had come across this thing called coaching but didn’t really know what it was until he experienced it for himself and fell in love with it.

He had never experienced anything as powerful as the coaching relationship and was amazed at what he was able to achieve with that depth of support!

He then, embarked on an impossible journey of becoming a Professional Life Coach himself.

With the support of his coach, and the new friends he had made since he started this journey, he proceeded to quit his job in October 2014. The next few months were tough: he couldn’t find many clients, wasn’t making much money and it seemed pretty hopeless but there was something driving him on. He had moved in with his grandma and was trying to build his business there. He was working odd hours; coaching from 10am – 2pm and then doing any other coaching related work between 11pm and 3am so he could love and care for her.

The dedication paid off and by May 2015, 7 months after leaving paid employment, he made 3 times the amount of money that he made in a month at his old job. It was only the beginning but was enough to confirm that he could make this work; he had become a professional coach.

Fast forward to June 2017: he has run hundreds of talks and workshops, coached hundreds of people deeply, worked with thousands of people and now runs retreats in both the UK and Mainland Europe.

He also teaches Life Coaches/Therapists/Change Workers the deep art of human transformation; how to become singularly effective in their field and make good money by helping lots of people

David’s life is filled only with good people both personally and professionally and he is passionate about helping people create lives of true freedom.

His clients have included: Olympic Athletes, CEOs, Charities, Life Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Writers and many other good people who wanted to create better lives.

The modes of working include: Online Training, Skype Coaching, Workshops, Talks, Retreats and Full On Experiential Life Experiments.

David has an enthusiasm for life and, if you got nothing else from meeting him that, in itself, can be life changing!

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