Recently, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people; they are so incredible to work with that I think “Holy Fuck! I can’t believe I get to work with you!”

They have inspired me so much that I have raised the bar for who I will work with and am actively seeking out more Holy Fuck clients.

Could that be you?

I have a no fee project that I’d like to invite you to, where I am helping 1000 people achieve greatness.

It works like this: We speak for 2-3 hours via skype. During that conversation, for me, noone else exists and nothing else exists. I am there for you and with you. I will ask you questions, say things to you that noone else would say, I see you as noone else sees you. We explore your fears, your hopes, your dreams deeper than you have ever experienced before.

During that conversation you will see at least one thing in a new way that will change everything for you; either immediately, or in the days and weeks that follow and then you can go out and live into your greatness.

This is a ‘try out’ for us both. I get to experience the impact of my coaching on you as a client and you get to experience me as your coach. If we are both excited to work together, you can ask me for coaching or I will offer you coaching.

We owe each other nothing. I am not obligated to take you on as a client and you are not obligated to accept an offer of coaching from me.

Do you want to live into your greatness?

If you do, email me at

Could you be one of my “Holy Fuck” clients?

I am excited to find out!

If you want to read more about coaching and how although you don’t need it, it can be the most powerful thing you ever experience, click the link below: