Have you been working your way up and you look at what’s ahead of you and you don’t really like what you see?

Maybe you have spent years to get to this point and if you look ahead the money looks fantastic, the responsibility, in theory, looks good, but the actual role itself doesn’t fill you with excitement, in fact it fills you with dread.

You think: “Is this what life is going to be?!”

You started off with so much hope and excitement, but now you are bored most of the time, stressed out and you wonder if this is the path you want to be taking.

So, what do you do?

You go out in the evenings, if you have time, if you work in the city you probably haven’t got that much time as you work long hours, so mainly it’s weekends you blow off some steam.

You go on holidays, you feel good but when you get back into work within a few hours or even a few minutes it all comes back again; that stress just comes back within your body, you can feel it and you just don’t know what to do.

You thought this was going to be the path for you but now you just don’t know.

When I am coaching people to move up in their career or choosing a completely new career path what they are doing isn’t really important. There is a job out there for everyone; every job has different benefits and people love different things and so what they do isn’t important, but WHO THEY ARE when they are doing it, now THAT is relevant across the board.

Who you are now is what matters!

Most people have a career path ahead of them and think that when they there; that is when things will be better, that is when it will all happen for them; when they are earning the money they want, when they have the respect, the responsibility, THAT is when it will all fall into place, but it NEVER WORKS THAT WAY!

You will NEVER get to a place when suddenly everything changes. You have to create that now and take it with you into your future.

Whether you stay on that career path or leap off and do something new the starting point is always WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

A question I often ask is “Who are you when you at your best?”

When you know who that is, when you go into your job tomorrow, even if you are bored of it, even if you hate it and it is the most stressful, painful job you have ever been in, tomorrow it can be your salvation. It can be the way you create an amazing future for yourself.

So, HOW?

Everytime you are talking to someone, every time your boss screams at you or swears at you (some of my clients have tough bosses!), that is an opportunity for you to be the best version of yourself.

Of course, you could react how you have always done and take on that stress, in which case your life will continue as it has or, you could look at it differently:

You could FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR BOSS, sorry that they are so unable to handle their own stress that they have to swear; that they have such poor leadership skills that they don’t know how to inspire a team without swearing or shouting.

You could start to look at them and realise what they are lacking and decide that when you are in that position or a similar one elsewhere, how you would love to be. You get to create that person now.

With colleagues: maybe a colleague you don’t like very much or don’t get on with that well, you could choose to respond to them differently so that you can enhance yourself by using your language and communication when you are with them. Don’t absorb their stress, in fact by letting it bounce off you, you get to help them aswell.

You can become a powerful leader in whatever environment you are in.

It is not easy. You have to be self aware and willing to feel that same stress but act differently.

When you do that, it starts to change things within you. Your resilience, your ability to do things increases; it takes practice, but you can do it!


Whatever you want your career and your life to be, you are here now and so tomorrow, go into that job and make it your own, whatever that means to you.

So, as a starting point, ask yourself a question:


Write down your answer; the characteristics of who that is, and then tomorrow go in and live into that. Be the best version of you.

You could use this as a place to start. I invite you to send your answers to me.

If you want more personal attention on shaping who that is or some deep coaching that can change your entire life and the impact you are able to have, you can contact me directly at david@davidsaville.co.uk

You never have to be stuck on the career path or the life that you are living, you get to be a leader of that now. It starts right here.