Its truly a transformational course which is both fascinating and fun – and practical with real-time results that you empower us to go for . More ongoing support than I’d ever imagined possible with an online course- thank you David 🙌🙌

Anna Mendonca

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Coaching, seminars, workshops, books and even this programme: the world is overflowing with methods for personal development and yet for many people it is never enough. There is a sticking point: something that just won’t shift.

So, that person keeps seeking the next thing that will work: the magic pill that will finally win the day. But, it never comes.

The reason for that is because the secret to lasting change lies within you.

Now, your eyes may be rolling at that statement: I used to hate it! I used to think that if it was within me I would have found it by now: but I was mistaken. I just didn’t know how to discover and use what was always there.

This is probably the most powerful tool you can ever learn because when you know how to extract and apply life changing lessons you will never again waste your time. You will be able to read any book, go to any seminar, in fact, you can go through every single day of your life taking what you learn and applying it to make profound and lasting changes within your life.

You will be able to read any book, go to any seminar, in fact, you can go through every single day of your life taking what you learn and applying it to make profound and lasting changes within your life.

Even if the training or information is of poor quality, you will be able to take something of value from it.

The really cool thing about this, is that it will take very little time out of your already full life to create real change

Everything I am teaching is best experimented with inside of your life; in the places you already go, with the people you already see and I get to support you in real time.

Over this month, you will learn how to coach yourself within your circumstances so that you can choose what kind of life you want to live, that is on your own terms.

The only extra time needed will be to watch the videos and take part in the facebook group. You determine the level of your engagement: as much or as little as feels good to you.

It is a one off payment of £97: To pay and get started, click this link

Here is how it works:

There are 6 Modules. Each module takes place over 5 days with a live video each day that explains the concept that day and gives you something to test out within your normal activities:

Module 1: Deliberate Attention

Practice using your attention in a deliberate way to create a better experience of life. I will give you specific things to do and to not do (which is equally important), that will help to make this simple for you.

Live Video 1: What Is Demanding Your Attention?

Live Video 2: Get Ruthless!

Live Video 3: Don’t Do This

Live Video 4: Nothing Else Exists

Live Video 5: Protection

Module 2: Perspective

Developing the ability to expand your perspectives in every situation. With perspective, you have greater choices and that means that you will be able to see things and do things that wouldn’t have previously been possible.

Live Video 1: Unconscious Routines

Live Video 2: The Power Of Unfamiliarity

Live Video 3: Clowns The Left

Live Video 4: These Boots Are Made For Walking

Live Video 5: Living An Impossible Life

Module 3: Finding The Needle

Hone the skill of extracting the most important information for yourself from any resource (book, course, seminar, coach, mentor etc). You will get to do this as you go about your day; you will learn how to take the most essential piece of information that you can then test out for yourself.

Live Video 1: Personal Development Made Easy

Live Video 2: Making The Old New Again

Live Video 3: Let’s Go To The Movies

Live Video 4: Do Amazing Things

Live Video 5: There Is So Much Good In Evil

Module 4: Making Reason

(My beautiful dad)

The practice of turning your experiences, even the most painful ones, into life transforming moments that create more freedom and a better life.

Live Video 1: Constructive Use Of Past Pain

Live Video 2: What Can We Learn From Terrorism?

Live Video 3: There’s Always A Good Reason For That

Live Video 4: Your Environment Is Your Training Ground

Live Video 5: The Psychological Nature Of Experience

Module 5: Falling In Love With Failure

The art of making failure an essential part of your life without feeling bad about it so you can build more success than you currently believe possible and can actually make failing feel like fun!

Live Video 1: What We’ve Got Here Is….A Failure To Communicate

Live Video 2: Stop Failing To Fail

Live Video 3: The Psychology Of Failure

Live Video 4: Make Your Failures Count

Live Video 5: “Be Excellent!” Like Bill & Ted

Module 6: Intuition: Trusting Your Gut

Learn to trust your instincts so that you make the best choices possible. I will take you on a journey of connection with your deeper intuition so you can make decisions from a place of integrity and your highest good.

Live Video 1: How Does Life Feel?

Live Video 2: You Only Have 2 Choices

Live Video 3: Feel And Act

Live Video 4: You Are Absolutely Wrong!

Live Video 5: I Feel Good…..I Knew That I Would…..

There is also a final video Q&A on day 31 that is a bumper video where I review the course and answer many of your questions.

Each module takes place over 5 days. There is a LIVE video every day to explain a concept and give you something to experiment with. You can watch this in your own time and still comment and engage with it in the same way you could if you were watching it at the time. I will reply and support you through your questions and comments.

Throughout the entire month, from when you begin, you can use the Facebook group to share, to ask questions, to connect with each other. I will be there to support you, as will the other people in the group who are all there for the same thing.

There will also be bonus posts and info for those of you who want more

It is a one off payment of £97. You will have access to the content for as long as you want so you can revisit it and keep growing:
To get started, click this link

When does it start?

Now. It is an online course with live videos which means that whenever you watch them, it feels like it is happening now and you can comment and participate. I will be in there every day responding to your questions and comments and providing extra support.

Will you be adding to the course?

Yes. I will be recording more live videos from time to time so that this course keeps growing and you can get more from it.

Can I download the videos to keep?

Yes. Once you have paid, the videos are there for you to watch as many times as you want so you can keep learning and growing.

What will I need to take part?

A Facebook account (even if you don’t use it for anything else, you can create one in minutes so you can access the group)

A willingness to experiment with an idea in your day i.e. to test it out

How will I get the details and group access?

I will email everything to you after you have paid.

We will need to be connected on Facebook before it starts so I can add you to the group on that day. You can make friends with me here:

It is a one off payment of £97: To pay and begin, click this link