In January I made a bold claim; I said “I am going to become a world class coach”. At the time, I was a good coach but I decided I wanted to be world class. What this meant  was that I was willing to do what it takes to become world class no matter how long it took or what I would have to do. I don’t think it is ever something you reach, it is something that you continue to become. That is how I have been living my life since then.

After making that decision and talking about it publicly, how I showed up each day changed; the attention I gave to every communication, every conversation changed, how I learned, developed, grew; the level of challenge I was willing to go through; the fears that I have faced- I have dropped myself in it so many times this year and my resilience and ability to grow from it is continually increasing.

My ability to spend time with someone and help them impact their life has gone through the roof! Now, I know that every conversation has the potential to be life changing for them, if they do something with it. I know this is possible because it has happened so many times. Over the past year I have met people for coffee and then spoken to them months later and found out their life has changed from what they have done as a result of a single conversation.

That to me, shows me how my coaching has changed. I never used to think that was something I could ever do but it has happened time and time again. It is really rewarding and indicates that I am heading towards becoming world class since I made that declaration.

I have done 4 talks this year and every one has been bigger and better than the last; the level of challenge I have added to it has been huge because I never want it to be the same; I don’t want to stagnate EVER. It is a continual evolution, going beyond myself and anything I have ever done.

It is what I bring to the people I coach; I help them go beyond anything they have every done or even anything they have conceived as possible that they could do. That’s what I bring to them; I won’t let them stay stuck, to stay in a confined environment. I get them to dream big and to start making it happen now, today, tomorrow, the next day.

My life has changed completely since I made that bold statement at the beginning of the year. It changed everything for me because that is how I chose to see the world:

Change how you see the world and the world changes!

My world has changed, month to month, week to week, day to day it changes continuously as I am becoming world class and for the rest of my life I am going to keep becoming world class. I am better coach today than I was yesterday, I will be a better coach tomorrow than I am today; this will continue for the rest of my life as a coach and as a person; in how I show up and the things that i do.

That is what I bring to the coaching relationship and that is what I bring to the people that are in it.

So, I am curious; What do you want to become world class at?

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