If you have been following my posts you will know that 3 weeks ago today I left paid employment to run my own coaching business and I have been sharing my experiences, the mind sets that have been getting in the way; the struggles I have had financially as I have been doing it.

Someone challenged me on this and said that I shouldn’t be doing that. That, because I have only just done it and I am not making loads of money yet that I am jumping the gun; I shouldn’t be telling people to do what I have done.

Well, in case anyone else thinks the same I want to make something very clear:

Don’t, under any circumstances, do what I am doing! 

This is my life and I have made my choices. This is what I needed to do.

Your life is your own and it is up to you to decide what matters most and what you are going to do.

For me, I reached a point where I could no longer use those circumstances to my advantage. I had 40-50 hours a week that were filled with spending time with people who had very different values, doing things that didn’t matter to me.

If something terrible happened and I was to be dying while working there I wouldn’t have felt that my life had been well spent and so for me it was time to leave. It was clearing out something which was taking up the biggest part of my life doing things I don’t want to do and being with people I don’t want to be with and so that is why I had to go.

Now, what I am doing is filling my time with people who do matter to me and doing things that I find important every day. I wish I had come to this way of thinking 3 years ago.

My dad died in October 2012 and I was working for the same company; the most time I got to spend with him was in the 2 weeks before he died when he was in hospital. I slept there and so stayed every night and went to work sporadically, when I got time.

So, I got to spend some time with him but if I had done this months before he died I could have spent so much more time with him and everything could have been different; in his experience of his life and who knows what may have been different if I had been there as opposed to rushing about and not being there: I will never know.

Well, now I have people in my life who are still here and I don’t want my life to be spent rushing about and spending a few minutes or hours with them or waiting for something bad to happen so that I can feel ok about taking time off work to be there.

So, for me, NOW is the time! The financial implications of it don’t matter. If the worst happens and I can’t pay my mortgage and have to sell my house I will deal with it. This house is my family home, I have a lot of memories here and losing it would affect my mum and so it is not something I am doing lightly; but a house is not our lives and we can’t take it with us when we die.

So, the financial side isn’t important but, my ability to be ok with the worst  case scenario is what has made the difference to me; that is what is really important. Take away the money and what I care about is supporting my mum and my grandma and being there with them. I want their lives to be as good as they can be and I can’t do that if I am rushing about all of the time. I haven’t got a big family and so I need to be there myself and I want to be.

So, that’s what clearing myself out of a job enables me to do and it also enables me to coach people every day to do all kinds of things: go for that job a few rungs up the ladder, make a jump in their life (different from my own), write that book, become a strong leader; do anything that they are passionate about. I get to do that every day!

I coach people in person, by phone, by skype, by email, I write articles and record videos like this that connect with people and help them make their own choices and create lives that they love. That’s what I get to do; my life is filled with far more things that matter to me.

So, again I say “Don’t do what I am doing!”; this is my life and my choices.

I encourage you to be aware of the choices you are making. If you ever think you HAVE to do something, you are wrong! You are lying to yourself. Even if it feels like you have to, you don’t. You are making a choice to do something and then telling yourself you had no choice. How do I know this? Well, if a catastrophe happened and you stopped doing that thing you have to do, you would find a way; you just would. That is our nature; when shit happens we find a way through; that is how we have survived for millions of years, it is how we have evolved; it is how we are.

Why wait for a catastrophe to happen?

Decide what matters to you, what it is you want, and then start doing that.

To help you get started I have a question for you:

What could you clear out of your life today?

(what could you stop doing, that would make the biggest difference to you?)

Message me at david@davidsaville.co.uk so we can find out what your heart is calling you to do.