I am in shock!

I just got off a call for part of my new project to help “1000 PEOPLE UNLEASH THEIR GREATNESS” with an AMAZING girl!

She wants to leave her day job to live into her dream business but has been finding it hard because she is drained from the job she hates and she questions her ability to succeed.

She has been trying to build a bridge for a long time but has been stuck and is getting to a point of hopelessness. There is a cross roads ahead; in one direction she continues as she has been, staying in a good job that pays very good money but is making her miserable. In the other direction, there is the unknown future of her dreams; of the life that she wishes she could live but has been too afraid to commit to.

I thought the the call was going to be about finding ways to make her job better: to reveal her greatness throughout her day, so that she could create the energy she needs to build that bridge, but I was shocked when I challenged her to tell me what the worst case scenario was of handing her notice in tomorrow.
The worst case is that if she fails she will have to get a job similar to what she is doing now.

That her life goes back to the way it has been today: That is the WORST!!

That means that the only thing stopping her is a fear of the unknown and since every moment of life is unknown (with a very convincing illusion that you know what will happen today), then that is no reason not to do it.

So, I challenged her to hand her notice in tomorrow and then proceeded to listen to her well thought out reasons why she can’t. As I challenged her reasons she started to see that they were excuses; excuses to cover up the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure.

When we started the call, she was low on energy and hoping for some help and doubtful that anything could really make a difference, but now I could see the excitement filling up her face and body. Suddenly, possibility had entered her life; the possibility that SHE was in charge of her life, that within a few minutes of talking, her entire life could change; that everything she believed was false; the survival mechanism that had kept her miserable was not needed for this decision.

This all happened within the first 30 minutes!

I was blown away.

Then, we explored the practical things she can do to create the business she needs; how she could keep generating income; who to reach out to, what excites her, what she could do daily to make this a reality right now. There are so many ways; it is all just there for her to reach out and take.

We talked distant dreams; all the things she wants to one day have achieved over the rest of her life. She had been stuck in fear and so her imagination was a bit rusty and it took some digging; I challenged her ideas of what she could achieve and she started to imagine what she wants to create.

Even after a lot of questioning and stretching her imagination ALL of it could happen within the next couple of years if she wants.

What this means is that she has barely yet begun to dream.

She has so much potential I almost burst with excitement talking to her!

I swore a LOT when I saw just how amazing her future is! (I do that when I get excited)

Now, I can’t wait to receive her update in a few days to find out if she went through with it and what she is doing next.

The thing is, now that I have glimpsed her greatness I will not let her hold back. She may hesitate, she may doubt, but I do not.

I KNOW she is destined for great things and now IS her time!

Does life seem hard and you wish it could be different? Have you achieved a lot but still feel like you have so much more to give? Do you want to create something amazing but doubt you have what it takes to make happen? Are you living a life where you sometimes think; “Is this all there is?”.

What if, in a few short hours you could start to unleash your true greatness?

What if, you could see a clear path to whatever you would love to make happen and start TODAY?

That could be you, if you become part of my ambitious project to empower 1000 people to unleash their greatness.

I set the bar high for who I accept onto it because I want it to be massively impactful for each person and it takes a LOT of my energy to pay such close attention to you; the words you speak, the way you say them, the feeling I get from you, what I see. It takes all that I am to see you for who you are so that in the space of a few hours EVERYTHING changes for you so you can start to unleash your greatness.

If this calls to you or you want to know more, email me at david@davidsaville.co.uk

Here is a 5 minute video I recorded just now, where I talk more about it: