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“Create Deep Connections & Attract Your Tribe”      Raw Fest UK           Saturday 12th August      Click Here
“Life Beyond Your Fear”      Raw Fest UK                                                           Sunday 13th August            Click Here
“Deep Connections End Of Summer Retreat”                                                8th – 10th September            Click Here
“Adventures Into Freedom Retreat” Espuna Mountains                                October 15th – 22nd               Click Here

Past Events

“How You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection”
“Create Deep Connections & Find Your People”                                   Wednesday July 26th       Click Here
 “The Psychology Of How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You”   Saturday 22nd July    Click Here
“How To Handle Conflict & Difficult Conversations Constructively”       Wednesday 19th July     Click Here
“Inner Confidence – How To Trust Yourself Completely”                               Monday 10th July           Click Here
“How To Develop The Courage To Live A Life That Is True To Yourself”   Tuesday 27th June        Click Here
“One Day Feel Into Freedom Retreat Experience”                                            Saturday 25th June              Click Here
“The Truth Behind Anxiety & How To Become Free Of It”                          Wednesday 21st June       Click Here
“Be Your Own Life Coach And Create Real Change”                                        Monday 19th June           Click Here
“Psychology Of How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You”               Tuesday 6th June            Click Here
“Deep Connections In The Woods – All Day Experience”                            Saturday 27th May          Click Here
“Stop Procrastinating And Start Living”                                                            Thursday 25th May              Click Here
“Beyond Your Fear Retreat In The Sierra Espuna Mountains”              Thursday May 18th – Sunday May 21st  Click Here
“The Art Of Conversation”               Saturday May 13th       Click Here
“Learn The Art Of Storytelling”            Interesting Talks London                 Monday May 8th .      Click Here
“Deep Connections Retreat In The Kent Countryside”                                   Friday May 5th – Sunday May 7th   Click Here
“The Wellbeing Now Seminar”   Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April            Click Here
“Learn Self Hypnosis To Become Free Of Anxiety, Fear and Stress”           Tuesday 18th April          Click Here
“The Psychology Of How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You”            Tuesday 11th April       Click Here
“Deep Connections Retreat In The Kent Countryside”                                   Friday March 31st – Sunday 2nd April
“Advanced Conversation Skills Masterclass”                                         Sunday 19th March       Click Here
“Advanced Storytelling In The Woods”                                                      Saturday 18th March               Click Here
“The Art Of Conversation”                                                                     Sunday 12th March           Click Here
“How To Build Deep Connections With Your People”                                Sunday 25th Feb          Click Here
“How To Overcome Your Fear Of Being Rejected”         Sunday 19th Feb          Click Here
“The Art Of Storytelling”                                           Wednesday 22nd Feb         Click Here
“The Psychology Of How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You”             Sunday 5th Feb             Click Here
“Mastering Your Fear” WEF (Women’s Economic Forum)  Thursday 2nd Feb         Click Here
“The Art Of Communication For Better Relationships”     Saturday 28th Jan             Click Here
“Your Year Beyond Fear”                                                  Thursday 26th Jan             Click Here
“The Art Of Storytelling”                                                    Monday 23rd Jan              Click Here
“The Art Of Conversation To Create Deep Connections”                                                                         Sunday 15th Jan             Click Here
“How To Connect Deeply With Your People And Stop The Mistakes That Keep You Apart”                                Saturday Jan 7th             Click Here

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