Does fear hold you back or stop you in your tracks? 

Do you want to be free of it?

It can feel like the worst thing in the world; that sick feeling in the stomach, the tightening in the chest and throat, the panicked thoughts.

I lived most of my life in fear. It stopped me from doing so many things and lead me to have severe social anxiety and panic attacks.

I was scared of what people thought; of making mistakes; of talking to people; of making eye contact; of doing the wrong thing. I was pretty much scared of everything and the way I lived my life was evidence of that.

I was in a repetitive job that was safe and problem free, I avoided talking to people, I avoided going out as much as possible. My fears controlled me and kept me in hiding, until one day I said no more!!

Since then I have been facing my fears, one a time, gradually moving past each one. It was good, but it was still a very slow process until I discovered the power of deep inner work.

In the past year I have made quantum leaps in what I have been able to do and am now putting myself in situations that not too long ago would have had me curled up in a ball shaking like a leaf.  Situations like giving a talk in a way that noone expected to a room full of people where there was no place to hide; it was just me and all of them.

I have been able to do this because of the powerful work I am doing on myself. What this means is that I have a deep understanding of fear; what it is and how to use it to unlock my future. It is something I am living into every day.

If you want to change your relationship to fear and find out how to unlock your future using it, then this session is for you.

During this 3 hour Fear Session we will explore:

• Why you have the fears you do

• What you can do to instantly change how fear feels

• How to make use of fear to unlock your future

And a whole lot more!

This session is very different to the monthly meet up. To be part of this, you have to be willing to explore at least one of your fears. We will be a small group and each one of us will share something personal and scary.

You will share it, we will explore it and by the end of the session you will feel very differently about your fear. If it has been holding you back, you will be able to break free of that when you have opened yourself up to experience it.

I help people face their fears and live their passion every day. I do this by going there first myself; by doing things that scare me most and by living into my passion.

At this Fear Session I will be there for you and with you. I will help you face your fear so that you can move way beyond it and start creating something extraordinary for yourself.

Click this link to join:

If you have any questions before joining this session, message me. The more you bring to the session the more you will get out of it.