Are you ready to launch your business?
Do you want to grow an existing business in a way that feels good?
Is it important that you become successful without selling out?
Would you like to have a lot more fun in your work and your personal life?

If so, then this programme could be for you.

Welcome to the Business Coaching Incubator!

The first one ended in May and made a huge impact for the 5 people who took part. They were pioneers; part of the first experiment to see if it could make a big enough difference to them and it was an overwhelming success.

Now, it is time for 2.0. I have asked each of them for feedback on what they felt worked well and what didn’t, so I can make this next evolution that much more effective.

Here is how it works:

There are 3 levels of incubator with different structures depending on where you are with your business. It is a 4 month programme and the fees range from £650 down to £150 for the entire programme!

Whichever level you join, if you commit to making the most of out it, your life and your business will take off! How much will be up to you.

It will involve:

  • Powerful Coaching 
  • Missions and fun challenges
  • Growth Assessments (So, you can always be clear on where you need to apply yourself most)
  • Facebook Group (to share and support each other)
  • Becoming part of a team where you can work together to achieve what you want
  • Extra Support (when needed)

If you want to take your business to a whole new level, are willing to explore the deepest inner workings of your mind, while connecting to the truest expression of your spirit, then this could be for you.

There are some basic requirements for anyone I work with:

HONESTY. You are willing to be honest and open about yourself and your business.

INTEGRITY. You do what you say you will. If ever you don’t, you are honest about why you didn’t and learn from it.

LOVE. You love what you do. Even if at times you are frustrated and feel like giving up; what keeps you going is your love.

SERVICE. Your business serves other people. It exists to make people’s lives better in some way.

FRIENDS & FAMILY. You put a high value on friends and/or family. This is a high value of mine and a requirement for every person I work with.

COMMITMENT. You are committed to making your business grow and are willing to do what it takes.

FEAR. You are willing to explore your fears and want to overcome them to achieve what you want.

As a client you also get:

My Heart And Mind

Once you are in, for the duration of the programme you are a part of my life and are often on my mind. We will have a consistent flow of communication so I know what is happening with you and you know that you have my support.

This is why I only work with people who I resonate with. I wouldn’t want to give such personal space to just anyone. (You can find out more about what the coaching relationship with me is like by clicking this link: Our Coaching Relationship


As my client, everything you share with me is fully confidential. I sometimes share stories of client’s challenges or transformations publicly but always change details like gender and industry so there is no identifying information unless that person has given express permission to use their name.

Each member of this group will also agree to keep anything confidential unless given express permission by the individual to share it.

Although the programme is for 4 months, what you will learn and the changes you make will last a lifetime!

For the time we work together, you will live closer to the edge of fear and excitement as you smash through your perceived boundaries.

This is about exponential growth; personal, professional, financial and in any other way you want. 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t ready to commit to 4 months of challenge
  • You don’t want to let go of old beliefs
  • You don’t love what you do
  • You aren’t open to the possibility of rapid and permanent change
  • You are not willing to invest your time, money, dedication, passion, and more
  • Your heart did not start to beat faster as you read about this

If you are really excited about what you could create inside of this supportive environment, fill in the form at the bottom of this page or email me, with a subject of “Business Coaching Incubator” at