The traditional set up in life is working Monday to Friday with a 2 day weekend.

This means that there is a LOT of repetition; same journey to and from work, doing the same tasks, getting up at the same time, eating meals at around the same times.

When you get home in the evening you are tired and just want to relax. If you have children, that probably won’t happen until after they are in bed.

Before you know it, it is time to go to sleep before the whole things starts again.

This means that one day merges into the next, the weeks fly by, Christmas comes around way too fast. Life is moving at an ever increasing pace and you think “where did the time go?”.

You plan the occasional trip out; a weekend away, a party. In the summer you might go for walks, take your bicycle out, even go on an adventure. You are living for those moments; wishing the time away now so you can be doing something that you love.

Your life has become a series of things you are looking forward to doing and memories of what you have already done.

But, what about now?

Your life is ONLY happening in this moment.

It is a trick of the mind to keep us surviving that we forget that we are all dying. It keeps us doing the same stuff that kept us alive yesterday so that we live today. It makes us forget that one day we will be no more and the world will go on without us.
I don’t say this to be morbid, but to wake you up.

When you remember that you are going to die, and that you won’t know when, it can bring your attention back to the present; to THIS moment.

If you knew you only had 2 years left to live, would you keep living your life in the same way that you are?

When I have asked people this question some of them have come back with “I’d quit my job and just do everything I have always wanted to”. That is great and at least they have started to connect to what they want, but there is still a need to earn money to live; to support our families, to do all the things that we have ever wanted. That means doing something to create that.

I have 2 questions for you that can help you start to think deeper about this so that you can start REALLY living:

If you know you only have 2 years left to live:



If you want to start doing something about this, send your answers to me and I will set you a challenge that will help you:

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