Have you ever tried to do something where you feel fear grip you, it stops you in your tracks and feels so disabling that you can’t do it? You feel stuck, like you can’t move forward.

Then, what about another type of fear? Like when you go on a roller coaster ride or you watch a horror film; when you are scared but you are also excited and thrilled. That fear feeds into excitement and you enjoy it and it feels really good.

Do you want to know how to turn that crippling fear into the excited fear?

If so, you can learn everything you need to by watching a film called “Wanted”. It is a cheesy comic book film that is completely ridiculous and I love it! There is a valuable lesson in there for all us, if you pay attention:

The film is about a guy called Wesley, he works in a job he hates, his boss is a bitch and screams at him at every opportunity, even shooting staples at him, his girlfriend is cheating on him with his “best” friend and she berates him all the time. He is worn down and can’t handle stress. In fact he is medicated for the severe panic attacks that he gets whenever he gets upset.

Every time his boss has a go at him, his heart pounds in his chest, his head feels like it is going to explode, he gets tunnel vision and he just can’t take it; he rushes for the pills and then gets away as quick as he can.

I had panic attacks a long time ago and so I know that feeling really well; it is tough when it happens and it can feel like you are going to die.

That was his life until a whirlwind enters it in the form of Angelina Jolie. She shows up to protect him from someone who is trying to kill him. A lot of shooting, crazy car stunts and a whole of stuff happens to freak Wesley out, and then she takes him to a secret society where the head, Morgan Freeman (legend!), tells him that he was born with a gift; that he is not like other people and he has a super power.

The power is an ability for his body to release massive amounts of adrenaline and his heart to beat hundreds of beats per minute which gives him increased strength, agility, focus, plus time seems to slow down so that he can achieve amazing things.

Of course, Wesley doesn’t believe him and wants to leave and so they give him a gun and tell him to shoot the wings off the fly that is buzzing around (did I tell you it was not a documentary!). He obviously doesn’t think he can do it and so they hold a gun to his head and give him a count of 10 to shoot. They count down and he keeps talking, not sure if they mean it, but then as they get to 1 and he hears the gun click he has no choice, his heart pounds fast, time almost stops, he can see the wings of the fly and he fires off 4 shots.

He collapses with the stress of it, looks for his pills and thinks they are all crazy. Morgan picks up the fly and the wings and shows him that he did, indeed, just shoot the wings off of the fly.

He wakes up at home in the morning, in his bed, relieved that it was all a dream, until he finds the gun under his pillow.

He hides it and then gets out of his apartment and walks the streets. He is freaking out, but he is walking differently. He seems taller, something has definitely changed.

He goes into work and is sitting at his desk when his friend comes up to him, but notices something very different. Wesley is not jumpy, he is smiling with a strange look in his eyes; his friend doesn’t know what to do and walks away.

His boss comes over and starts having a go at him, screaming at him, like she normally does, after a few seconds he shouts at her to “fuck off!”. There is stunned silence in the office. He tells her the truth, saying what he had wanted to say for years. Then, he picks up his keyboard and walks towards the exit. His friend wants to high five him for what he just said, and Wesley smashes the keyboard into his face and leaves, feeling free.

Now, I don’t recommend doing either of those things, unless you really want to! But, notice that the only thing that changed for him was how he was perceiving himself and his physical reactions. From then on, when he got into stressful situations he was in the moment and able to handle anything that came up; he developed his superpower to become stronger from that moment on.

“As soon as he had evidence that his greatest weakness was actually a super power, EVERYTHING changed”

This is just a film, but there is a reason that films like this capture the imagination, because beneath the surface of the comic book craziness is the beating heart of real life and real experiences.

“That fear that gripped you yesterday, could become your superpower today”


When you know what fear really is, you never have to let it stop you from doing anything again.

Fear is your warning system; it is there to protect you from danger and to make you sharply aware of new and uncertain situations. Fear is there to get your attention so that you take action; it can give you energy, focus your attention, like in the film, it can also slow time down so that you can react faster.

Fear IS your superpower.

So that you can begin using that power you can start by paying close attention to the messages it is sending you. When you felt paralysed by it, what was it really saying? What images did you see? What words did it speak to you?

Write down the words, draw the pictures, find out what message your fear was giving you because at it’s core, fear is a messenger; so, when you receive the message it can go away, ready for it’s next job.

It might be questioning if you are ready, it could be saying that you might not be good enough, it could be reminding you of your lack of experience. If you let these messages stop at the feeling they can seem negative; like it is working against you, but look more closely.

Are you ready?

Isn’t that a great question? What is your answer? “No, but I will become ready as ready as I can”

Are you good enough?

Another great question: “I don’t know yet, but I am going to prepare as much as possible so I can and find out”

You don’t have enough experience!

Great! “That’s right; by doing it I will start to gain that experience”

Each one could have seemed like a terrible thing to think and yet when you start listening it becomes the way that you can bring your ‘A’ game to whatever it is you are going to do.

Go back to the last time that you felt paralysed by fear or held back from doing something.

What was your fear REALLY telling you?

If you want some support in learning how to make fear your superpower or want to become part of my project to “Unleash Your Greatness” in 1000 people, contact me here: david@davidsaville.co.uk

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