I hate looking silly.
I hate being laughed at.
I so badly want to get it right.
I want to be accepted.

I have spent so much of my life absorbed with what others will think of me that for years I was killing myself with cigarettes and other drugs. I used them to shut up my stupid brain!
But, it didn’t work.

Now, what I want is to be FREE……………..

………………….to live my life how I choose to live it.
I want my decisions to be MY decisions: not what I decide because of what others might think of me.

THIS is how I am trying to be every day and it is damn hard!

I am so practised at looking for approval that I still have to catch myself and when I don’t my coach, John, catches it and reflects it back to me.
The more I let go of worrying what others think the more connected I become to who I really am and what I really want and THIS is how I am creating the life that I am excited to be living.
My success and fulfillment is directly linked to my willingness to act from my internal sense and my readiness to screw up again and again.

If you REALLY didn’t care what people think, what would YOU do?