2 weeks ago I left paid employment and entered the world as a self employed coach. I did so before I was ready, without a cushion, without a back up plan.

For me, it was time to live the life that mattered to me, spending more time with the people I love and doing what I love.

My current clients are helping me pay my bills but I don’t know if I will be able to pay my mortgage at the end of the month. The bills are stacking up faster than my income and it is getting a bit tight around the collar!

Since I left work I have been coaching a lot of people and I have had a lot of interest by people who want to be coached. With my finances as they are it has been tempting to just get people onto my books; to lower my fees and remove the trial period I have in place to select the best clients. I have been tempted but that is not who I want to be as a coach or as a man.

I want to work with people who excite me; people who I really connect with and who I know are being impacted by my coaching and so I keep to the process I have in place and this means that before I offer you coaching you need to start creating results; start changing things in your life as a result of my coaching.

I don’t want to compromise that, and so as tempting it is to say yes to people and get some money in the bank I am maintaining my integrity.

If I have been coaching someone and they are changing their life or doing something incredible in the world and then I make an offer of ongoing coaching for a fee they can say yes or they can say no; either is a perfect answer. What matters most to me is that I am helping them impact their lives. I am willing to suffer the short term financial repercussions of that.

I know long term this will pay off; personally, professionally, financially. I know that this way of being will ultimately lead to me creating a thriving coaching business with many amazing clients who will enable me to live the kind of life where money is not a concern; where I can do all the things I want to. Short term, I don’t know.

It is not easy and I have a family to support however, if I had wanted to just earn money to pay the bills I would have stayed at that job for a few more months and saved up enough money to leave at a time that made sense but I didn’t want to do that. I am creating the life that I love now and it involves me being true to myself, my values and how I want life to be; for me to the be the person I want to be.

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