For some this will seem controversial, for others it will be obvious.

You are at the top of the food chain, head of the structure, so everyone is looking to you; the buck stops with you. That is fantastic, and I am sure you love that responsibility, but what it means is that you are less able to go far beyond yourself; beyond your own thoughts, your own imagination, beyond what you have already created, when you are the one that everyone looks to for answers.

Maybe you have friends and you ask their opinion and you have a back and forth, but that is them giving their advice. There is nothing wrong with that, you may take it on and it could help you do things in a different way but you never get to the depth of what you are really able to create beyond the boundaries of what you have already done because when you have a dialogue with friends, with family, with colleagues, generally it is 2 way; you say something, they say something. You stay fairly high and even if you think you have gone deep, you have not even scratched the surface.

How often in your life have you spent hours, talking purely about yourself; your hopes, your dreams, your fears?

How many people do you trust to ask you challenging questions; to say things to you that noone else would dare say?  Because, that’s how you dig further within yourself and go to places that you don’t yet know exist within you.

Most likely, the only people challenging you are people with their own opinions and their own agendas. When you are in a coaching relationship there is no agenda, it’s purely about you.

If I am coaching you I couldn’t care less what your goals are, what you want to achieve, that’s up to you; that’s your responsibility. My job is to connect you to what you really want; to get you to see things that you don’t usually allow yourself to see so you are then able to create things that you didn’t know you wanted to create.

Why don’t you see those things now?

Because you are already living a full life and you are leading your company in the way you have been. There is obviously nothing wrong with that, it can be enough for most people; but, you are not most people, are you?

So, what do you do?

Seek out a coach. Find someone who you connect with, who you respect, who you will give that permission to.

There are thousands of coaches out there, some really good ones and some really bad ones and so you will have to do some research. Find the people that connect with you; watch their videos, read their articles, contact them, start a dialogue. Find the one for you.

My coaching is not for eveyone just as noone’s coaching is.

Use your gut to choose the coach for you.

Find that person; the one you want to work with; that you can give that trust to and then experience what it is like to have someone be fully present with you for hours at a time just helping you create more out of yourself than you knew existed.

The dreams that you haven’t yet thought of; draw those out of you by challenging your beliefs, the way you see your world and your self imposed limitations of what you can create in your future. It is REVOLUTIONARY when you go through that.

I have experienced it myself, by being coached, and I have coached many people through that. As a CEO, you have already done so much and so what you could create next is immeasurable and it is very, very exciting!

You can contact me directly at if you think I could be the coach for you or go out there and search, find the person for you so you can experience what I have been talking about.

Having read this or watched the video, I have a question for you:


I’d love to know.