Do you want to dedicate the next 7 months to becoming a world class coach?

  • Create a lasting first impression that has your potential client excited to work with you
  • Learn to coach powerfully using any form of communication from a text message to video
  • Become so effective as a coach that you KNOW you can deliver in every session
  • Become your integrity in all areas of your life, which makes you a far more effective coach while living a great life
  • Be a living example of what is possible
  • Coach clients that are more successful that you
  • Learn how to create clients anywhere and anytime
  • Burn out the need to make money
  • Become a creative entrepreneur
  • Learn how to create exciting programmes that draw your ideal clients to you

This is about creating a thriving business, based on a strong foundation of helping a LOT of people and becoming world class.

I have 3 people already signed up for this programme that starts in August and another 2 people in the final try-out stage.

Do you want to join us?

I will be closing the enrollment for this programme in the next few days.

Even if this programme isn’t for you, your coaching business will be heading in a stronger trajectory through our communication.

If you want to find out; comment below or message me at

I will coach you by message and, if we click, set up a session to dive in deeper.

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Not being good enough