I am recruiting for an exciting new coaching programme for coaches. For them to become amazing at coaching while growing their business in a way that feels great.

As part of this process, I am going to share some of the biggest mistakes that I have committed and that I see time and time again with people trying to become coaches.

BIG MISTAKE No.1: Treating it like it is a business for the future.

When you have a job, or if you have just taken a career break and want to see if you can build a coaching business, it is common to fit coaching in around the other things you are doing:

– Time with your family
– Time at the gym
– Nights out with friends
– Hobbies

If you haven’t got many coaching clients right now, why would you have set hours?

You might think that as you start to get more people coming to you that you will think about it then. It is logical but is a big mistake!

If you don’t have your coaching hours blocked out in your calendar each week, you are treating it like it doesn’t matter.

You are saying to yourself, to your husband, to your friends, that it is only a hobby.

It won’t feel real to you either.

When you do have someone wanting to book in, you will have to scan through your calendar and choose a time that fits with everything else. It may not seem like much, but it is an energy drain and also feels very unprofessional.

Professional is a great word.

Can you build a business without being professional?

My answer is: NO!

Professional is how you show up in your coaching sessions.

Professional is how people trust that you know what you are doing.

If you want to grow a successful coaching business, it has to be professional.

You can begin to create that simply by deciding exactly what time you will devote to coaching each week and making that a priority.

If you are in a relationship or have other people who may want to have your attention, it is imperative that you involve them in your decision. Make sure that you ask them to respect the time you devote to coaching and to only interrupt you if an emergency.

If you start respecting the time you have for coaching, so will others

Here are some questions for you:

How many hours per week will you devote to coaching?

How many of those hours are to actually coach people?

How many of those hours are for other work related to coaching?

Here is a video I recorded last week, where I describe my steep learning curve with my own coaching business and describe the new programme I am recruiting for, where I will be teaching coaches how to create a successful business by being exceptional. In the process of recruitment, I am helping a lot of coaches to grow their business, even if they never go on to work with me in a professional capacity. Check it out and fill in the form below or email me (david@davidsaville.co.uk) if you want to explore: