As a coach, your chances of creating a thriving career with a lifestyle that you love is very small. In this article I will be highlighting some of the main pitfalls and giving you some practical steps that you can start taking to be one of the very few who beats the trend.

Most of those making good money do so by recreating an office job with the hours they put in and the way they work. Their lives look great on paper (and facebook ;-)) but the truth is, inside they feel trapped and because their coach friends are living similar lives it appears like that is how it has to be.

They may console themselves with the idea that their office is a coffee shop, hotel, private members club or their living room but the reality is, most would be better off in an office because they could at least clock out at the end of the day (but, when you work for yourself that is much harder to do).

If you look around at the coaches you know, how many of them are living a life that feels like freedom?

The reason they get caught in this trap is because they have taken the wrong short cuts; they have listened to the wrong people and have compromised too many times.

They might tell you that they are doing what they love, but can you really feel it when they speak to you?

As a coach, you can create a different destiny, but it will require a lot from you:

  • Be willing to put in the challenging and scary work in the beginning (I.E. Not earning much money and being fully honest about where you are in your experience and success)
  • Be a lone voice, speaking your own words (not continually quoting others)
  • Do what no-one else is doing (Testing things out for yourself with no previous evidence of success)
  • Saying no to working with some people (Those people who aren’t a good match for you so you don’t associate making money with an uncomfortable feeling)
  • Creating programmes and packages that you would be excited to join; especially if they seem a little “out there” (On the fringes is where things get interesting)
  • Be ruthlessly dedicated to helping people (In the first year, help hundreds or even thousands of people for free or not much money and you will create a powerful foundation for a thriving business)
  • Be almost obsessive in your commitment to becoming world class at the skill of human transformation (Continually learning and improving to become even more effective without ever wanting to be done)

I just got back from the mountains in Southern Spain, where my friend and I went to scout out some locations where we will be doing some facilitation work with the lovely people joining us on our retreat there in May. (I took this picture from one of the “classrooms” we will be using)

It was a “working” trip, where we got to play on the mountains while planning our event and recording videos to invite people to join us.

This is a normal experience for me now; it still feels awesome, but is a regular part of my life (We will be going back to those mountains in a few weeks from now). I created that through dedication and my ruthless, uncompromising, adherence to the life that I wanted to create regardless of what anyone else was doing.

I create what I want because of a ruthless application of my desires and a complete lack of compromise

I know first hand, what it is like to build a thriving coaching business based around a lifestyle of my choosing. It began in January 2015, when I officially launched my coaching business while spending a large amount of my time caring for my incredible grandma. My days involved helping her when she needed it, taking her out to see the world and having fun and playing games together. This was the core around which I sculpted my life and business; I was coaching at 10am – 2pm and then doing computer work from midnight to 3am, 4 – 7 days a week.

I got to support her without ever having to rush off or being too busy; I got to be present with her

At that time, I coached a lot of people, went through months of making no money and getting into more debt until I learned how to run a coaching business that works for me. It took me 7 months from the day I left paid employment to know that I would never again work for someone else; that I could continually create money as a life coach, helping lots of lovely people.

I had mentors, coaches, colleagues and friends supporting me; which was essential in my growth but there were some things that they couldn’t help me with; things that they had never experienced and so didn’t know I needed. This is where I had to find out for myself through a lot of experimentation and so many failures! (Soooo many!)

Over the past couple of years I have also worked with other coaches and through helping them have come to see the most common mistakes that we all make in the beginning if we haven’t run a business before.

If you want to become one of the, VERY FEW, life coaches who truly live a life that you love, here is what you can do to begin:

  1. Burn out your money fear. If you have any neediness about making money or accepting money, it will affect all of your actions and hold back your business. There are two main avenues for this; the first (and most effective) is to feel into the fear of not being able to pay your bills. Explore what would happen if you can’t make money and get yourself to a point of feeling good no matter what happens. The second is to have a method of making money consistently that covers your bills; a part time job, renting out a room of your house, a bit of consulting work etc. This doesn’t solve the deeper problem but can help you in the short term because then you don’t “need” money to come from coaching.
  2. Structure your days in a way that feels great! Work for short bursts of time and put time in your calendar to play, to exercise, to have fun with friends/family. By creating your life now in a flowing way, you can grow that into something even better as your coaching business takes off.
  3. Stop listening to podcasts and reading books. You already know enough right now and it is time for you to strengthen your own voice. Start sharing insights and lessons that come up in your own life each day. This is part of how you become a unique coach that your people will want to be coached by. It is a way to simultaneously get very good at sharing key insights, helping people you may never meet and of marketing your services.
  4. Create 2 or 3 coaching packages that feel like fun and excite you. When you are excited by them and start offering them to people, they will feel your excitement and be much more likely to want to take part.

There is much more you could do, but this will get you started. Whether you are brand new to coaching or have been doing it a while but caught up with the way you think it “should” be done, this could help you create a life and business that you have dreamed of.

Test this out for yourself and, if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

With Passion, Purpose and Love


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