The best way for you to get a sense for what a coaching relationship with me is like, is to hear it from someone I spent months coaching. Here is Tim Mikelj; he is a Life and High Performance Coach and we talk about the impact that our coaching relationship had on his life and business.

The coaching relationship is a powerful one and is not one to rush into. 

It requires a deep commitment from us both to make it work. It is why I will coach you first, before discussing payment or how we could work together, and give you a full experience of coaching. That way nothing is hidden, your work and your life will already be starting to change as a direct result of my coaching. You get to feel what I am like as a coach and I get to experience you as a client.

I create a powerful, safe and confidential environment where we talk about things that you never talk about with anyone, even your husband or wife. We explore the depths of your life further than you would ever think to go or even know exists within you; that includes what you fear the most and also the secret desires that you have buried deep or that you have yet to imagine.

We work towards what seems impossible and create a real world strategy to make it happen. You remove all the obstacles standing in your way and become who you need to be in every moment.

Our coaching relationship is sacred. Everything you share is confidential. Nothing is off limits and I cannot be shocked.

When I am your coach, I am there for you every day, believing in you and what you want to make happen. I support you when it gets tough and I challenge you to go beyond what you think is possible.

Some of the commitments I require of you are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity 
  • Authenticity
  • A willingness to take risks
  • Being ready to challenge your own beliefs


Agreements and commitments form the bedrock of our coaching relationship. They create the conditions that make the coaching so powerful! I have committed to being a man of my word and the people I coach are also men and women who keep their word.

If we don’t, and we are human and are likely to make mistakes, then we admit it so we can bring ourselves back into integrity.

If you want to talk about the possibility of creating this kind of powerful relationship, you can fill in the form below or email me here: