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So many people are living a Flatline Life: a life where they don’t want to feel too bad and are scared to feel too good (because they are waiting for something bad to happen). This has them existing somewhere in between, like the flatline on a life support machine:

The modern world is set up to maintain this way of life with overwhelming distractions; mobile phones, drugs, alcohol, television, computer games, the list goes on….. Each of these takes you away from the moment by moment experience of life: you only need to look around on public transport at the thousands of people with their heads looking down to see it for yourself. If you feel bad, you can scroll through facebook and find something to take your attention. I do it myself sometimes when I am not being conscious of my actions.

With all of that, people are crying out for more; you are here reading this because you want a better life; one that is fulfilling, feels like fun; a life where you feel deeply connected to the people you love and where you live a life that has meaning.

You can have it: in fact, it is only a few important choices and experiences away but what holds you back from having it is fear. You are afraid to really live; to take big risks, to fail completely, to be who you truly are (if you have any idea what that even means).

That is where I come in.

There is no “safe” way to live a life that many dream about but never achieve but there are ways to feel safe no matter what you are doing.

To develop that inner feeling of being safe (The inner knowing that you can handle anything that happens) you need to grow, to challenge yourself and, at times, it will feel unbearably hard but if you keep going, you can get there. In fact, it is inevitable because it isn’t something you need to learn it is more what you need to stop doing that will have you create that.

If that sounds like too much, that is because you have a misconception about what you are capable of and you can’t yet know the difference it could make to have the caring, expert support of someone who knows what you are going through; someone who has a depth of understanding about what is going on for you and can guide you on your very unique path.

Your life can become a fun adventure where anything is possible!

There are many ways that I help people to create a life of adventure, connection, purpose and fun: One on one coaching, group programmes and online training.  My fees range from £ 5,000 for my most committed programme down to just a few hundred pounds.

I only work with good people who care about others

If you want to explore the possibility of creating a coaching relationship with me to support you in creating your new life; email me here:

I coach by email, skype, telephone, face to face, and during real world adventures! 

Here are some of the places I coach people: U.S, Canada, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Europe.

Location is irrelevant; impact is all that matters.

If you want to have a one off skype coaching session that can be a catalyst for profound change, you can: It costs £250. Make payment through Paypal and then I will send you a link to my calendar so you can choose a time. You will then need to answer some questions that will get you thinking deeper and help me to begin to understand what you need most.

I will also follow up with you after to make sure you are making the most of the time we spent together.

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