Sunday January 22nd at a unique and sacred space in central London, I am inviting you to take part in a very special ritual.

The new year is often a time of failed resolutions; setting goals that you know you won’t achieve or ones you don’t really want.

You don’t really want to lose weight, quit smoking, get fit, or even achieve your business goals. They are symptoms; the distractions from what you truly desire.

What you really want is: to feel alive!

You want to experience joy every day of your life so you can choose what you want to do, without ever feeling like you have let yourself down or that you could have done more.

I am offering you a space where you can let go of all the crap that has ever held you back so you can live from a place of freedom, connection and with a sense of adventure!

How would you feel if you had nothing to be ashamed of?

What could you accomplish if you felt great every time you failed?

If you were free from the weight of judgement from yourself and others, what new heights could you reach?

During this exceptional and singular experience you will get:

  • Deep Transformation, personalised for you
  • Ritual of Death – saying goodbye to what you no longer need
  • Ritual of Rebirth – Stepping into the light of freedom and joy
  • Safe environment to share and grow
  • Connect to your deepest desires and the inner knowing that you can have them (and it is ok to want them)
  • Know your first steps to take this new way of being with you into your daily life
  • Connect deeply with other like minded people; some of whom could become lifelong friends and supporters
  • Experience the power of ritual to let go so you can be free to create the future you desire deep within the core of your being!

This powerful and unique experience will take place over 8 hours and is £75. It will take place deep in the heart of London that is very easy to get to by train, tube, bus or bicycle. I will give you the full details after you have paid.

These 8 hours could serve as a catalyst to change something profound within you and set you up for a very different life.

Click this PayPal button if you want to take part:

After you have paid, I will send you some questions to start preparing you for the day and to help me discover how best to help you.

My expertise is in how to transform a human being. I have dedicated myself to this for the past 8 years and that means personally and professionally. I am obsessed with exploring what it takes for a person to truly transform at the deepest level and I have had the privilege of working with thousands of people, at all levels of development; testing out different methods; discovering what works and shaping it into my own way of doing things that is tailored for the group and each individual.

As part of my investigations I have rediscovered the power of ritual and have been experimenting with utilising them in my own life and with groups of people I have been working with. This has lead me to creating some powerful rituals of my own that combine the raw power of the past with a modern understanding of what it means to be human in this modern world in which we live and that makes for unique rituals that can change how you experience your life forever!

I bring all of my life’s experience, knowledge, training and deep transformation ability into this exceptional event and I would very much love to have you take part.

Pictures from the last Ritual in the Woods – Happy people who have stepped into more freedom


If you want to read more about the importance of ritual, you can here:


In the past, when we were more overtly tribal, our tribe would have had rituals for many things; rites of passage, marriage, death and more. They marked out important moments in a person’s life by taking them through a process. That process helped them accept their past, connect with who they are now and set them up for the next steps in their future.

It was a very simple but powerfully effective part of their growth and that is missing from most of society today and it is no surprise that we grow up essentially as big children, still reacting as we did when we were little and continuing to respond to new situations in a similar way.

I can’t count the number of clients I have worked with who had something important to let go of that they had been carrying for decades!
In each case, when they did finally accept it and let it go they felt like an enormous weight has been lifted that they didn’t realise had been affecting them so profoundly. In fact, one incredible client said (after experiencing a day in the woods with me):

“I feel as if I have been walking into every room for the last 30 years as half of myself and after that day I finally feel whole”

When you are holding onto something it affects your decisions, what you are able to perceive, the language you use, the conversations you are able to have.
When we are carrying a burden, it permeates into every part of our life and we cannot know the impact of it until we have let it go.

Because this is so important and because I am bringing back effective rituals into my life and the lives of as many people as possible, I am proud to invite you to this one day deep coaching, ritualistic event.

I will be taking a small, and soon to be deeply connected, group of people inside a sacred space to experience rituals and deep coaching that will have them experience themselves in a different way so they can let go of any weight they have been carrying and walk back into their life feeling more freedom and joy than they have ever experienced.

It will be intense, emotional, challenging, liberating, beautiful and a lot of connected fun!

I won’t lie to you, this will take bravery on your part. It takes courage to face your past, then share it, then accept it and finally to let it go.

You will be among friends. You may not know each other when you arrive, but by the end you will know each other better than most people know their best friends because you have shared deeply and gone through life changing experiences together.

I will be here for you; to guide you, to support you, to help you tranform.
I will share from my heart, hiding nothing and invite you to do the same.

Here are some of the things you will experience if you come:

Feeling free from judgement

THIS WILL BE A DAY OF DAYS! The start to the year that most people dream about but never get to have.

As the year begins, what would you love your life to become?

As you reflect on last year:

Are you criticising yourself for what you haven’t done?
Are you feeling like time went too fast?

This day could be a line in the sand. The day that you say “no more!” to the crap that has been holding you back.

Come with me and I will help you put those heavy weights down so you can run free into your exciting, joyous future.

It is happening on Sunday 22nd January in a very special sacred space I have arranged for this:


If you want to experience this, use this PayPal link to book your place:

The questions I will send you, once you have paid, will begin to open you up to the possibility of what is to come and help us both be ready so you can get the most from that day.

If you have any further questions, send me a message at or on facebook here:

I’d love to hear from you.

If you have decided to take this step, I look forward to take you through this potentially life changing experience.

With Passion, Purpose and Love