There is a problem with the self help industry:
There are many people being inspired by what they read, by going to events, spending a lot of time and money on coaching; they are doing a lot of “work” on themselves and yet, with all of that, the results are often limited.
Old patterns pop up; cycles of behaviour seem too far entrenched for permanent change to happen; in short, in a world where you can’t move without tripping over an inspirational quote, there is a lack of profound and lasting change happening for so many people and the reason is very simple:
They are looking for help in the wrong places; they think that the answers are to be found in the next chapter of a book or the next workshop but if that were true, they wouldn’t feel stuck; they wouldn’t need to keep searching.
Now, as someone who runs a lot workshops, I know how impactful they are (I see it almost every week) and so it can be confusing as to why that isn’t true for everyone; it is confusing when you don’t realise where the change actually comes from.
You have probably heard the phrase “the answers lie within you” or something to that effect and it can seem trite; like an empty statement that has no meaning and, as with most things between the external and internal world the answer lies somewhere in between.
The truth is that you do need external teachings to learn new things and to be exposed to ideas beyond your current perception; it is an essential part of living an evolved life but, and here is where so many get it wrong:
Each lesson is only as valuable as the meaning you make of it and the steps you take as a result.
Unless you are able to coach yourself you will never be able to leverage permanent change and will be forever seeking it in the wrong places.
An important part of the work I have been doing with my clients for the past 3 years is to teach them how to coach themselves and those who get it are the ones who fly the highest and experience life with the most amount of freedom.
As I was thinking about the next group course that I want to run, I decided it should be this essential skill so that, anyone who takes part feels in charge of their destiny.
Here are the details:
Over 3 months, I will be teaching you how to make meaningful change happen for yourself no matter your experience, education or circumstances.
This means that by the end of the course you will be able to take any book, any workshop, any coaching course, any life experience and use it to create lasting, positive change for yourself.
Never again will you spend money on something that doesn’t work because you will know how to find the gem within it even if it is taught badly. You will also be far more aware of what is good for you and what isn’t.
You will have true independence because you will never again need someone else to improve your life. You may want support, as I often do to accelerate my growth, but you won’t need it!

There will be 12 modules (one per week) where we explore things like:

  • The true nature of human experience and how to use it to your advantage
  • Transform your relationship to your current circumstances so that they become the foundation upon which you build your dream life (Any circumstance!)
  • Learn how to stop seeking external validation and instead use your internal senses to know what to do
  • Learn a simple but incredibly effective tool for self hypnosis so you can have the space to think clearly no matter what else is happening
  • Stop the swirl of thoughts that feel overwhelming
  • Learn to use your feelings to create more freedom and choices
  • Set up your day so that it becomes impossible to stay stuck
  • Learn how to change your mental/emotional state at will
  • Discover how to turn any bad situation to your advantage
  • Develop the inner knowing that you are always safe so you can stop overprotecting yourself
  • Use the power of language to create the world you desire
  • Making your life a lot more fun in your every day!
This is comprehensive course that will teach you  how to create freedom for yourself.
The logistics will work like this:
*Weekly Video Tutorial – 12 modules in total
*Fortnightly Q&A to explore any and all questions you may have
*Facebook Group for ongoing support, connection and sharing (with me and the other group members)
*Fun Games, Missions and Surprises to help you embed the lessons
At the end of the course you will be able to take any book, any course, any experience and turn it into permanent change for yourself.
You will have the keys that unlock your own ability to change; so that it bursts out of you at will!
It begins on June 1st and the places are being filled now. Once you have paid, I will send you a starter pack to get you going on your self coaching journey.
The price is £99. Click the link below to book your place: