A very special day of learning, practice, experience and connection.

Since our ancestors started painting in caves, and probably before, storytelling has been an essential part of our culture.  It is how we taught our children; it is how we shared knowledge.

Storytelling is a thread that runs through the fabric of every single culture on this planet and it is essential that we learn how to tell our own stories for the benefit of others.

Why is it important for you, now?

• People can get to know who you really are and what matters to you

• Storytelling is healing because by sharing a painful memory you can become free of it

• Storytelling is how we connect deeply with others because we see ourselves in someone else’s story

• Telling stories is transformational for the person telling it and the listener

Learn how to take your entire life story, so far, and cut it up into many pieces so you can tell story after story with fresh insights; forever being able to captivate and engage with whoever you are speaking to.

  • How to use your state to create excitement and fascination in the person listening
  • The very simple structure that will turn your life stories into epic tales of adventure!
  • How to create a wonderful experience for the person listening so they are fascinated and feel great
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that have people switch off when you are talking to them
  • Lose the feeling that you are not interesting enough by having access to limitless, authentic, content

During this unique event you will:

  • Draw out 5 unique and fascinating stories that are personal to you
  • Use the natural surroundings to add texture to your stories
  • Learn how to enrich your stories with metaphors
  • Learn how to engage the people listening to you
  • Gain the experience of telling your stories just as our ancestors did so you can connect to your innate storytelling ability
  • Support from me to help you shape your stories to make them more compelling (while remaining authentic)
  • Coaching on your delivery to enhance your capability

You will go away with:

  • Great stories that you can start telling straight away
  • A better ability to tell your stories that you can feel
  • Know how to take any life experience and turn it into a fascinating story
  • Know how to adapt your stories to teach in different ways
  • Know how to use your stories to heal yourself and others
  • A feeling of connection after having spent the day with a tribe of good people

Who is this for?

• People who want to become more influential

• Coaches, speakers, anyone who runs workshops (Stories are an essential tool of transformation)

• Teachers, so you can better use the subconscious metaphors of life to educate

• Entrepreneurs and small business owners to tell the stories of your products, your services and yourself in a compelling way; which leads people to want to buy from you

• Anyone who has selling as part of their job

When is it?

Saturday March 18th 10:30am – 5pm


Beautiful woods in North London (I’ll give you the exact address after you have booked)

Ritual Woods, David Saville

Why the woods?

Being in nature can bring out the best in us; the air we breath, the feelings when we walk, the sounds of the animals all around us, the glorious trees themselves; all serve to connect us to the older part of ourselves; our ancient selves who told stories as a daily part of life; with no apology or self doubt; just to share.

By recreating that experience, you will better be able to generate your stories and tell them to the group of people sharing this wonderful day with you.

For a day we will be your tribe and you will become a wise leader who we want to listen to, and hear your wisdom.

How much?


Email me if you have any questions at david@davidsaville.co.uk or simply click the link below to book your place: