You can develop this skill with only 20 mins per day for 30 days!

“This was my 2nd meetup I’ve attended with David speaking. The first one was good but this was better! David, you do “walk your talk” when it comes to storytelling. Thank you and all those I exchanged stories with last night” 

Patricia Ann

In just a couple of hours, 60 people began to transform their ability to tell the stories of their lives and weeks later, I am still getting “thank you” messages from some as the impact continues.

Can you imagine what more you could accomplish in 30 days?

Since our ancestors started painting in caves, and probably before, storytelling has been an essential part of our culture.  It is how we taught our children; passed on knowledge.

Storytelling is a thread that runs through the fabric of every single culture on this planet and it is essential that we learn how to tell our own stories for the benefit of others.

Why is it important for you, now?

  • People can get to know who you really are and what matters to you
  • Storytelling is healing because by sharing a painful memory you can become free of it
  • Telling stories is transformational for the person telling it and the listener

Who is this for?

• Those who want to create deeper connections with the right kind of people for them

• People who want to become more influential

• Coaches, speakers, anyone who runs workshops (Stories are an essential tool of transformation)

• Teachers, so you can better use the subconscious metaphors of life to educate

• Entrepreneurs and small business owners to tell the stories of your products, your services and yourself in a compelling way; which leads people to want to buy from you

• Anyone who has selling as part of their job

Learn how to take your entire life story, so far, and cut it up into many pieces so you can tell story after story with fresh insights; forever being able to captivate and engage with whoever you are speaking to.

The Online Training
  • 30 Days
  • 6 Modules
  • Facebook Live Video Teaching Every Day – 20 mins
  • Practice crafting & telling your stories
  • Group Support
  • Games & Fun
  • Play live or catch the recordings in your own time
  • Daily support and coaching from me
  • Minimal time investment
  • Life Experiments
  • The content is yours to keep

£47, one off payment with THIS LINK: Paypal

Module 1: The Set Up

Live Video 1: Either Stop Talking Or, Tell Me Why!

Live Video 2: The Direct Set Up

Live Video 3: Get Your Paintbrush Out

Bonus Video: Where Do Your Stories Come From?

Live Video 4: Where Do Your Stories Come From?

Live Video 5: Deeper Into Your Set Up

Module 2: Virtual Reality Storytelling

Live Video 1: Let’s Get Physical

Live Video 2: Making The Virtual…Reality

Bonus Video: To Get The Most From This Course, Do This!

Live Video 3: Let It Consume You

Live Video 4: Interpretive Dance

Live Video 5: A Single Moment In Time

Module 3: The Story Arc

Live Video 1: Begin At The End

Live Video 2: What Journey Has Your Character Taken?

Live Video 3: This Ain’t No TV Show, It’s A Movie

Live Video 4: The Arc Of Energy

Live Video 5: Applying Tension

Module 4: Archetypes

Live Video 1: I Need A Hero

Live Video 2: Who Is Your Story For?

Live Video 3: Self Centred Sharing VS Sharing Yourself

Live Video 4: I Make Things Happen

Live Video 5: It’s Time To Purge Your Self Consciousness

Module 5: Storytelling For Healing

Live Video 1: The Psychology Of Healing

Live Video 2: Story Re-Telling

Live Video 3: Owning Gives You Power

Live Video 4: Tell People To Shut Up

Live Video 5: Which Stories Are you Telling Yourself Now?

Module 6: Turning The Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Live Video 1: Joining Up The Dots

Live Video 2: There Are No Ordinary Moments

Live Video 3: How To Make The Extraordinary Into Ordinary

Live Video 4: Be Like An Astronaut

Live Video 5: Feel Into It

Plus, there is a Live Video post where you can add your own videos throughout the course to practice in a closed environment and develop your ability throughout the 30 days.

“Thank you to Matt and David for a wonderful talk. The time to practise the same story was awesome as it seemed easier the second time. I am going to develop and share with people a story about how my life is transforming through Interesting Talks London and Deep Connections London.”

Michael John Whelan


When does it start?


It is an online course with live videos which means that whenever you watch them, it feels like it is happening now and you can comment and participate as if “live”. I will be in there every day responding to your questions and comments and providing extra support.

What will I need to take part?

A Facebook account (even if you don’t use it for anything else, you can create one in minutes so you can access the group)

A willingness to experiment within your day. You won’t need much extra time because this course is designed to help you develop your ability inside of your current circumstances i.e. You cannot be too busy to do this. 😉

What happens if I can’t watch and take part every day?

Follow the videos in order and you can comment, ask questions and share your experiences from where you are in the programme and I will keep supporting you through the entire course.

How will I get the details and group access?

I will email confirmation after you have paid and will add you to the group so, you are ready to begin straight away.

We will need to be connected on Facebook before it starts so I can add you to the group. You can make friends with me here:

It is a one off payment of £47: To join us, click this link