What impossible thing would you love to do this year?

I saw an article a couple of days ago saying that Nike are going to create the self fastening trainers from Back To The Future 2. This may be a gimmick (with dodgy looking trainers) but they are attempting to bring the imagined future into our present.

In the 60s, there was this weird new show called Star Trek. In it they spoke to their space ship using little hand held devices even though they were miles away. 20 years later mobile phones came into our world.

On New Year’s Eve a friend and I were giving our imaginations a workout coming up with ridiculous things that we’d love to do but would be impossible.

One of mine was to coach someone at NASA.

It was an impossible goal and I forgot about it.

2 days later it came back to me when someone asked me what I was going to do this year and this time it felt different.

It wasn’t going to be enough to coach someone who worked at NASA. I want to coach an ASTRONAUT!

Still, it seems far fetched for a guy from Hainault to be coaching an astronaut, right?

Then, I thought about a project that I am currently undertaking to interview people about the highest and lowest moments of their career. I am delving into the psychology of how they made those moments happen so they can better understand themselves and I can better help my clients create those perfect moments.

Now, my “impossible” goal has become very possible.

I don’t know whether any of the people I reach out to will say yes, but now I have a solid path to go for it.

It’s like the “6 degrees to Kevin Bacon” phenomenon inside your head. Once you speak it out loud your mind starts to join the dots.


First, you have to start with the impossible.

What is one impossible thing that you’d love to do?

The first step to making an impossible goal real is to tell other people because it changes something inside of you.

If you want to be brave, email me with your impossible goal. Let your mind start to join the dots:


Let THIS moment be the beginning of something incredible. Let THIS year be the year of impossibility.