On Friday I was coaching someone whose mind was busy and chaotic.
He couldn’t manage his emails, social media etc and couldn’t think straight.

He was stressed out!

Through conversation, together we created something that will serve him.

He will go into emails, messages or social media ONLY when he is going to take action on them. (To only open a message when he is going to reply)

When you do things by half you are overloading your mind with information and it will keep circling and buzzing in the background until you have completed it. Every time you do that it is like opening up many different programmes on your computer; the system runs slow and starts freezing.

By checking only when you are going to take action you open a loop in your mind when you are ready to close it. This reduces stress, creates peace of mind and ramps up your ability to focus and get stuff done. (and that is just the start of what it does)

Today, it hit me: I was also speaking to myself.

I check emails to see who has messaged me even if I don’t have time to reply.
I sometimes read messages even though I can’t message back. I often feel compelled to check facebook or linked in to see who has commented on a post.

My head gets busy and I can’t think clearly.

Well, no more! I will use my client’s insight to change something within me too.

Although this practice is something to do; a technique if you will; it is not about the technique.

When I am coaching I have little interest in giving my clients tools; the tools are useful but I only give them as a means to an end. The end is about who they are and who they want to be.

Every insight, every tool is only created or given to help them be more of who they want to be because when they are who they want to be the tool is no longer necessary; they will simply be who they are and the behaviour happens naturally.

How you do one thing IS how you do everything!

By doing this he and I are being committed people. People who will only start something we will finish. If we do it with messages and social media, we will also do it when someone makes a request of us; we will only say yes if we can do it. We become people who always does what we say we will.

By being committed and decisive with the little things you create the ability and inner being with the stuff that really matters.

What have you been doing that has been stressing you out?

What practice can you create to change that and become who you want to be?

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