At the bottom of this post there is a Nitro Circus video. Every one of the amazing people in it started with no experience and by making a LOT of mistakes. (some you will see on the video!)

So, you want to do something amazing but, where do you begin?

Just start: figure it out by doing it.

There is ALWAYS something small you can do today no matter how big your dream.

What are you going to dedicate yourself to?

When you know, tell as many people as possible.

Force yourself to live into it by declaring it loudly!

Post it on your facebook wall, shout it on Linked In.

Share it around social media.

Tell everyone you meet.

Make it so real that you HAVE to do it.

This time next year you can look back at how far you have come and realise that THIS was the moment.

Make THIS your moment!

Make this YOUR year!

Happy New Year!

Love David