Today, I embark on my last working week in paid employment.
After Friday ALL of my earnings will be created by me. I will never again be able to switch off and just collect a pay cheque (which I have done many times over the years).

Since I made this decision and told people I have had mixed reactions; many of which have been quite emotional and reactive: as if it is me asking them to do the same (which I am not).

“What if you can’t pay your mortgage?”
“What if you fail?”
“You are foolish”

While these are all valid fears and things to consider, I have had a very long time of inaction to consider them.

I may fail, I may not be able to pay my mortgage; I probably am being foolish (I am definitely not doing the logical thing).
I was speaking with someone recently and he used an analogy of “jumping into the water with both feet being suicide” I might drown!

Yet, I know that when we make a leap into water; we start kicking and suddenly we are paddling with our head above the water; just like my dog has an innate ability to swim, so we all have an innate ability to survive and then thrive.

I don’t know what the future will bring but I will be very present and so better able to create the future as I want it to be.

If I fail I will learn, adapt and then move forward. I will kick my legs until they become strong enough for me to water ski!

What would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail?