This thought comes up a lot; when I am about to speak in front of a room full of people, when I am coaching a group, when I am exploring someone’s deepest fears, when a client is telling me about their accomplishments and dreams for the future; even when someone asks me what it is that I do.

Sometimes I go blank and the only thing I can think is “Who the hell am I to do this?”.

The people I am speaking to have often done amazing things and want to create so much. They might be smarter than me, more travelled, more experienced. How the hell can I help someone like that? What have I got to offer?

I have been coaching people for about 6 years but I would say that I have only really been able to help people transform their lives powerfully in the past year. The change came when I got my own coach and started doing some really deep work on myself; since then, I have changed inside so much that I see everything so different and I show up in life with a different energy than I ever have before.

The more I open up about who I really am and what I am doing, the freer I feel and the better I can help the person in front of me. I try to hide nothing and just serve whoever I am with as powerfully as possible.

I have a full time office job and I am a full time coach. Coaching people profoundly and pushing beyond my own limits is what I love to do from the minute I wake up to when my head hits the pillow; it is who I want to be, it is who I really am.

It has become a way of being; I can be walking my dog, talking to a neighbour or on the phone with someone who has cold called me and I am always ready to offer a different perspective; to help them in some way, because I know that a single insight in a single conversation can be life changing.

To me, life is so short and so every conversation matters; every person matters. Whether you have paid me thousands of pounds or we are just talking while we wait for a train, if I can help you have a life changing insight, I will.

How can I help people who seem to have done so much more than me?
By bringing my lifetime’s experience of how I have changed and am continually evolving. By bringing many thousands of hours of study,practice and experience into every conversation, every email, every meeting.

I don’t need to know anything about their field of expertise to see what they are doing to hold themselves back and how they can live into their dreams; to develop their mind set, build their skill set, help them create a vision and then a structure to make that vision real. I just need to talk to them and hear what they have to say.

I also don’t allow my doubts about myself to get in the way of coaching (most of the time!); that is vanity. When we criticise ourselves we are actually being very selfish and self centred; it is all about me and who does that help? Noone!

I know, ironically, this whole post is about me, but when I am coaching it IS all about you. I take myself out of the equation as much as possible because I must become the clearest mirror you have ever looked in; you see the real you for the first time and then you can create what seems like magic as you become who you need to be.

So, “Who the hell am I?”, that is who I am.

Who the hell are you?