For years, I heard people talk about being in the present moment and how that is what people are seeking to be. I didn’t really get it: it just felt like something people say; there are certainly a LOT of T-Shirts printed with that message!

As it had no meaning for me, I just went about my life, dedicating myself to my own freedom and creativity and guiding others to have that too through my coaching and teaching.

Through my journey into my own emotional landscape; the art of feeling the full range of emotions that life has to offer; the most important piece of my freedom dropped into place. There was nothing I wasn’t willing to experience and because of that my entire life transformed. Life became ridiculously simple and limitless possibilities poured out everywhere. I thought I was creating before, but with this deeper freedom, so much more opened up to me.

An unexpected side effect of this transformation has been a deep feeling of presence; an awareness of this moment and all the wonders it contains and life has slowed down to an incredible speed. Time does not fly and I am not impatient for something to happen in the future: each day is filled with what feels like a week’s worth of experiences.

The only thing I can equate it to is like being a child; when the 6 week summer holiday feels like it stretches on forever!

That is my every day life; a summer vacation that never ends

In recent months, I have had many conversations that have highlighted this transformation:

I was driving home with a lovely friend when she asked me: “Are you excited about going away in a few weeks?”. I know this is a normal thing to say but I didn’t know how to respond because I was enjoying her company and having a great time and so the concept of going away somewhere in the future with someone else was alien to me. It felt so far away that it had no relevance for my life in this moment.

It was such a normal thing to say but I felt nothing

I know that if I was to take some time to talk about what we are going to do, where we will go and all the things we are going to create, in that moment I would probably feel excited as it would have been brought into the present but I didn’t want to do that. I was here with her and that is the only place I wanted to be.

This kind of thing has happened many times and it is wonderful to notice because I need nothing beyond the now.

If someone would have told me a year and a half ago that I would be talking like this, I would have laughed at them

I haven’t been on an ashram, I haven’t read ‘The Power Of Now’, I have never listened to Wayne Dyer or any of those guys. I am just some dude who has learned and experienced a lot over the past few years and have been relentless in my pursuit of personal freedom while surrounding myself with awesome people.

So, to complete the sentence that I titled this post with:

You know you are living in the present moment because your life has no meaning beyond the moment you are in

With Passion, Purpose and Love


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