Your life is perfect; everything you are doing because you choose to and your experience of life is what you have created it to be.

Does that sound like bulls**t?

There was a time when I would have thought so, but I have had enough experience now to see the truth in it.

It doesn’t mean that every part of your life is enjoyable, exciting and what you would dream of doing, but it does mean that at any moment you can choose to see your situation differently and thus have a different experience of it.

Change how you see the world and the world changes.

How does this work in practical terms?

Let’s say you hate your job; you hate your boss, you hate the work that you have to do. You could go into work tomorrow and appreciate the many gifts that it gives you: you are able to support your family with the money you earn, you can do things that you couldn’t do without it. That is what the money does, but we can go a lot deeper too: The place that you spend 40 plus hours a week provides many opportunities to create the life of your dreams.

If you want to run your own business one day, how you communicate, handle stress, your working practices, your leadership abilities and so much more can be tested and grown during the job you are in right now. Every moment of every day you have an opportunity to learn and grow from your experiences; both the good and the bad; each one can help you develop the mind set and the skill set that you need to one day be your own boss.

Even if you don’t want to run a business, but just want to be the best version of yourself that you can be, it happens now: in every communication, every experience; you get to be whoever you want to be.

There is a common misconception, one that I used to believe, that you have to grind it out now so that one day you can live the life that you love. That is has to be hard and often unbearable now, but that at the end there will be this prize of a wonderful life that you have earned. Well, the problem with that philosophy is that there is no future, not really, there is only now and between this now and the now when you are fully living into your dream, there are just a series of “nows”. So, whatever your experience is today, that will lead into all those moments stretching into your future and you will never get to where you want to be. During which “now” will things suddenly change?

It is why so many people achieve goals and then are left with an empty or disappointed feeling; because the goal does nothing for you.

Your way of being is everything!

The secret to really living your dreams is to start today, right here, right now. What is one tiny thing that you can do that could lead you to your created future?

This applies to your whole life, but let’s keep it focused on your work for now: Ask yourself this question:

Who do I need to be?

If you were being the person you have always wanted to be, doing all the things you wanted to do, what does that look like? What characteristics would you have?
If you don’t know, then pick someone who you admire and then start emulating them.

How would he/she respond to a request by your boss? How would he/she start their day?

Start experimenting and see what happens. Notice how different you feel when you do that.

I coach people to face their fears and live their passion; that is what I love to do. I coach individuals and groups, I run a meet up group in London, I speak at events, like the one this weekend at VegfestUK London Olympia, and yet I have a 9-5 job where I do tasks that bore me; things that don’t matter to me.

At times this discrepancy between who I am becoming and who I “have” to be has caused me a lot of problems. On the one hand I have an exciting, dynamic life where I am leading people to create their dreams (including myself) and on the other I am restricted to working for somone else doing things that offer no intrinsic value for me on their own. So, what do I do about that?

Sometimes, I still get pissed off and allow a victim mindset to take over; one where I am wishing that I didn’t have to do that, but that only makes me feel like crap and takes me further away from being who I want to be.

More often I get to bring all of my being into my day: helping the people I work with to see things differently; adding value by doing things that noone else has thought of. Even doing the mundane tasks has learning value for me: I can use my time more effectively so I serve the company as best I can; I experiment with different ways of working. Everything I am doing benefits the company and also helps me in my being; I know that being resentful or frustrated will only carry over outside of work and that doesn’t serve me or anyone else. Instead, I choose to be the best I can be; giving more value than I ever have; that serves them and me.

Does this resonate with you or do you think I am talking crap? Comment below, either way I’d love to know.

How can you use your circumstances to create an extraordinary life?

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